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The year 2018 marked the start of the new partnership of mosaicomicro with Piero Lissoni that resulted in the Sumi-e collection. Its absolute originality is entirely encapsulated in the desire to modify the proportions of traditional mosaics, introducing mixed formats in different sizes. Put back together with a degree of randomness and skilful production experience, the tiles create a fluid and natural whole, created by the varied surface of the glass and the degree of polish.

The result is a delight for the eyes, with surprising effectiveness.

Micro Multiplem

XXV Compasso d’Oro ADI | Honourable Mention


By appropriating new chromatic languages, mosaicomicro has expanded the Micro Multiplem collection especially for 2018, in its newest colour palette and the blend version.

The concept emerged from a study of the geometric shape of the square, deconstructed into its primary shapes, such as triangles and trapezoids, that come together to create architectural structures. The iridescent surface and the patterns, etched by hand, heighten the visual and sensory perception. The colours resulted from careful research that understands how to put together the nature of the local lands, tradition, culture and material, namely, the recycled glass used in making the tiles.

Micro Random


Micro Random is the newest collection from Mosaicomicro, an original concept, proof of the degree to which the value of a floor relates directly to the quality of the material, the potential uses and its inherent beauty.

Mosaico Random is a mosaic tile made entirely of glass recycled from old discarded TV and PC monitors. It can be used indoors or outdoors, on flat or curved surfaces. Each individual tile, measuring 6x6x3 mm, is unique.

While the production process is industrialized, human handling helps to create the product, giving it an iridescent and vibrant surface. The grout colour plays an important role in its application as it changes the perception of its colour and appearance. As a result, the grout is considered a fundamental decorative feature.

Mosaicomicro has chosen to emphasize the grout-tile relationship by implementing a random mounting process, thereby achieving the “Micro Random” version.

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