Eco Glass _ 100% Recycled _ 100% Made in Italy.

Material and its relationship with the living spaces are the contents of this project that offers a new balance between man and nature. The discarded glass transformed into powder mixed with water, used as the only glue, reveals material to be shaped.

mosaicomicro is a brand-product, in fact, named by the quality of the product: mosaico and micro.
Precious for its size and for the material of which it is composed: glass.
The glass powder, obtained from old discarded TV and PC monitors, is modelled to obtain “micro” mosaic chips (6x6x3mm). Its dimensions and its exiguous weight, guarantees low emissions of CO2, reducing baking times in production and also becoming a lightweight product for transport.
The nature of the recycled glass and the production process makes each micro-chip different to the others; each one of them gives life to a “dynamic” micro-surface: shiny, matte, velvety, smooth or textured.
Colour is even the uniqueness of MM. Each chip is a shade of the same tone. Either they are shades of red or blue, or shades of grey or black.
The chips united together into sheets can cover planar and curved spaces, without any interruption, giving the sense of continuous surface.
MM presents three colour palettes: grey, brown and blue, and their mixes.
MM has no limitations of use, it can be used indoor and outdoor. MM is always different, always unique, inimitable and not imitate another, it’s just what it is: MM, a new material.

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