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laying guide

Before fixing please check that you have suffcient product of the same shade to complete the work. Each box has a label with tone number and if necessary order material from the same batch (the same shade and production run)

Check that the foundation is completely shaved (smooth) and uniform and there is not superficial dust.  In case of absorbent surfaces apply a primer on the wall.

Mark out the orthogonal guidelines on the surface. Usually, marked out the squares of size 3×3 sheets. To measure, lay 3 sheets on the floor side by side in way that the distance between the sheets is the same that that between the tiles. Report the measure of 3 sheets together on the wall and using the ruler and the level mark out the perfectly orthogonal grid. The area will be divided in some squares that correspond to nine sheets of mosaic each.

It is possible to use any glue suitable for the installation of mosaic considering the surface to be glued. We advise H40 Kerakoll in different types depending on the surface to be glued. Eventually, consult authorized dealer.

Apply the first glue lay of necessary quantity for 5-6 sheets. Using a comb spatula with 1mm teeth apply carefully the glue without leaving gaps.

Install the mosaic checking that the distance between sheets is the same to the distance between mosaic tiles.

After installation, smooth lightly the mosaics with the iron spatula (not the rubber scraper) levelling the sheets one with another. Avoid that the glue comes out from the joints. Adjust the distance between the tiles where is necessary to uniform all joints and remove any excess glue from the joints.

Repeat this operation with next 5 sheets and so on.

For the grouting, it’s possible to use epoxy or cement grout; the latest epoxy grout as well as having better appearance, have superior technical characteristics compared to cement ones as they are more flexible, stain-resistant and more insulating whereby  they are definitely more suitable for floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Generally, the epoxy grout is not suitable for external uses. In case of using the epoxy grout, cleaning of the material must be done immediately after the grouting and for the whole surface. Workability time of the material is about one hour and depends on the external temperature: with low temperatures the working time increases, with high temperatures the time reduces. Remove the grout with  the trowel and place it on the hard rubber trowel and start grouting moving the tool in a diagonal direction toward the tiles from the bottom upwards and close to the wall in the opposite direction until you have filled all the joints well. It is important to remove immediately all excess grout with hard rubber trowel.

We advise the grout Kerakoll but as well it’s possible to use any other epoxy grout.

When the grout is still fresh, start cleaning the material with a damp sponge dipped in clean water. With a circular motion emulsify the grout on the mosaic and fill the joints. Collect the emulsion and the foam formed on the mosaics with a sponge preferably made of cellulose with big pores. It’s important to wash off often and keep the water always clean, using trays and cleaning rollers. Complete the cleaning process by acting diagonally to the mosaic sheets and avoiding to dig into the joints. It is recommended to use one sponge and tray for the first cleaning and other ones for the final clean keeping the clean water in both trays.

A subsequent drying of the surface with a dry towel contributes to the total cleaning from any stains left. Do not step on the wet floor for at least 12-24 hours to avoid depositing dirt.

When dry, any stains can be removed at hardened grout with diluted Fuga-soap Eco depending on quantity of residues to be removed: distribute the product on the surface and leave about 20 minutes, act on the dirt with abrasive felt pads or monobrush on large areas, rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry without leaving evaporate.

Download the laying guide

mosaicomicro size

Eco Glass _ 100% Recycled _ 100% Made in Italy            tile 6×6 mm _ thickness 3 mm

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