On Diseño 392

Sep/Oct 2019

Mosaicomicro Perle
Glass from cathode-ray tubes obtained from old displays which has been ground, pigmented and mixed with clay and water to create an eco-sustainable material. This is then transformed into enamelled tiles. It is presented in four hues: white, grey, beige and anthracite, transformed by the pigments in the glass, which adopt different nuances depending on the light.
Design: Rodolfo Dordoni

Nerosicilia Gemme
From the porous stone called ”occhio di pernice”, which is the most recent lava found on the slopes of Etna, meticulously chosen in blocks that are then cut and artisan-processed in custom-made kilns, different exclusive finishes are obtained depending on the temperatures applied. This stone is decorated with pieces of cast recycled glass, which does not remain on the surface but instead penetrates into the stone’s characteristic pores.
Design: Rodolfo Dordoni

Pietra Pece Geo-Grafia
Extracted from the only existing quarry in Ragusa, Sicily, pitchstone is a variety of volcanic stone that is unique in its colour variations: it adopts hues that range from grey to dark brown. Furthermore, the presence of fossils and veins make it even more special. Its engraved surface, which is worked by hand by the artist, then undergoes a digitisation process.
Design: Massimo Barbini








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