Micro 6

An original testimony to show how the value of the coating is linked to the environmentally sustainable quality of the material, to the possibilities of its use and also to its aesthetic appeal.
Micro 6 is a mosaic made entirely from recycled glass from discarded PC monitors and TVs.
Although the production process is industrialised, there is always the human intervention aspect that gives the tiles their iridescent and dynamic surface. Every single 6x6x3 mm tile is unique.
It is also the colour of Micro 6 that makes it unique; each small tile is a nuance of the same hue. These can be shades of blue and red, or grey and black.
The tiles, joined together to make sheets, can be used in an uninterrupted way to coat flat and curved spaces, giving the sense of a continuous surface.
It can be used both indoors and outdoors in Spas and Wellness centres.
Micro 6 has three colour palettes: grey, brown and blue, to which the mix is added.