Eco Glass Recycled _ 100% Made in Italy

Crushed ground and pigmented, glass from discarded CRT monitors, mixed with water, creates the material which will then be moulded.
Unlike porcelain stoneware, Mosaicomicro is obtained by casting, rather than by pressing, through an industrial process that always requires human intervention to emphasise the texture and colour of the tiles. A continuous and dynamic single surface, whose materiality is enhanced by the light.
It’s always different, always unique and inimitable, it mimics nothing, it simply is what it is: a new material.

The glass mosaicomicro uses to make its products is obtained via the cathode ray tube monitor recycling process.


Glass powder is mixed with clay in water and becomes a raw material to be shaped.


The mixture obtained is poured into special moulds by the operator, who in turn controls and guarantees the quality and aesthetic result.


After drying for at least 24 hours, the tiles are baked.


The mosaic tiles, in various shapes, are assembled by hand and with the help of robotic systems. The quality of each individual tile is guaranteed by the operator who follows each step.


The tiles are held together by means of hot water-resistant polyurethane mesh, distributed through the use of an anthropomorphic robot.