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Mosaicomicro: innovation in respect of nature.


We are constantly looking for talented people for our team, ambitious and curious people, who want to be part of a brand in continuous growth.


Milan, Paris, New York, Vienna, Berlin, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bilbao, Turin, Gothenburg, Budapest, Helsinki, Eindhoven, Oslo, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, Madrid, Washington, Barcelona, Doha, Munich, Dublin, Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Taipei, Miami, Porto, in short, we are around the world and we deal with many cultures, we share the culture of Made in Italy made of craftsmanship and industrial production.
Architects, designers, planners, engineers, salespeople, resellers, young people who want to gain experience in the world of design and planning, are welcome.


Send us your Curriculum Vitae, your profile could be the one for us.